Banking Today

Soon we shall be coming with latest updated articles on the following subjects:
  1. Account Opening Processes
  2. Negotiable Instrument Act like cheques
  3. Bankers' Book Evidence Act
  4. Customer's identity - KYC Guidelines
  5. Secrecy of Customer's Bank Accounts
  6. Legal Issues related to Conventional Banking.
  7. Security Issues
  8. Seizure of Bank Records by Law enforcing agencies                                                    
The list of above features will go on increasing with every passing day. Ours is Non Profit Organization under the brand name WQAINDIA where we are inviting like minded people to contribute their experiences so as to preserve the history of Practical Banking for future generations and to compare each and every aspect of Practical Banking  with the future trends as we can visualize new Practical Banking enabled with fast emerging technologies. The aim of comparison of above features under Banking Tomorrow is to enable the banking technocrats to keep in mind the legal aspects of banking financial transaction to provide fool proof security for bank customer's privacy, secrecy and security.